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WORKSHOP 040 [Deep Learning] Highway Traffic Classification

16 December 2017

In this workshop, we take a look at trying to classify traffic on a highway into heavy, medium or light. We try and harness the power of pre-trained networks trained on imagenet and show how a small network can be powerful with great features.

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WORKSHOP 044 [Tableau] ACME Motor Industries

13 January 2018

In this tutorial we are challenged to provide insights on specific questions posed. Using historic German Automobile data, we derive insights in the manufacturing and export of German private vehicles. We will be required to use table calculations and level of detail calculations, and ensure to incorporate specific formatting into the graphs.

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WORKSHOP 045 [Python] Birthday Paradox

13 January 2018

In this Case Study we will prove the converging probabilities of the problem called birthday paradox (or birthday problem). This paradox is created due to the fact that in a relatively small group of people (23, for instance) the chance of at least two people share the same day and month of birth is 50%. In a bit bigger group like 60, the probability is more than 99%.

We will use the athletes dataset from the last Olympics and practice how to load, treat and build random samples usign Pandas and create functions in Python.

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WORKSHOP 039 [R] Text functions and dates

15 December 2017

In this case study, we look at some basic and advanced text functions and date formats

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WORKSHOP 042 [SQL] Hotel Supply Store Sales Analysis

24 December 2017

In this Workshop, you will have to reproduce the sales database and make queries to build reports that answer specific business questions regarding sales trends for a Store that sells Hotel Supplies.

To accomplish this objective, you will have to interpret a data model, install PostgreSQL, create and load a database from files, use joins and aggregate functions using SQL.

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WORKSHOP 041 [Tableau] Santa needs help

16 December 2017

In this holiday edition, we assist Santa Clause in planning which countries are growing fastest to ensure he has enough elves to make the gifts. We will be making some basic charts, but also a custom Radial Bar chart.
For fun, we will even make a Christmas tree!

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WORKSHOP 036 [R] Statistical significance

8 November 2017

In this case study we’ll look at statistical significance for normally and non-normally distributed data using exam results

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WORKSHOP 038 [Tableau] Sales orders and case analysis

7 November 2017

In this case study, we are performing more advanced analysis on the sales order data of AmazingMart EU as well identifying trends on their case management systems. We will be creating animations, using Level of Detail calculations and custom table calculations.

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WORKSHOP 037 [Python] Monty Hall Probabilities Trial

7 November 2017

In this Case Study, you will reproduce the classical probability problem called Monty Hall from a very successful US TV game show called Let’s Make a Deal, simulating randomly the games and the choices by guests

Theoretically, there is a winning strategy that is far better than other. Let’s prove the converging probabilities and gain experience in designing and implementing functions in Python.

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WORKSHOP 033 [R] Text Mining

15 October 2017

In this case study we will test our understanding of the Apriori algorithm by analysing basket data and manually calculating the terms of the Apriori algorithm
This case study looks at text mining to find patterns in Wikipedia articles and plot text into a word cloud

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