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The Right Mix with Nadieh Bremer

Data is only as good as how many people can understand what it means.

Only if stakeholders understand what the data actually implies, only then is when you'll have direct impact on business as a data scientist.

What's the best way to achieve this?

Data Visualization.

Fortunately, one of our key speakers for DataScienceGO 2018 is  the talented Nadieh Bremer, a data-artist / data visualization prodigy designer at Visual Cinnamon.


We made sure DSGO 2018 will be jam-packed with lots of passionate, and inspiring speakers to give aspiring and expert data scientists the push they need to take their career forward. 

If you are in any business, you'll need to know how to display what you found, or else the information will fall in deaf ears.

Nadieh Bremer has made a career of making information not only understood, but rather: beautiful. She found the right mix of data & beauty.

This is Her Story

Nadieh graduated from the Leiden University in the Netherlands with a degree in Astronomy. Since she was looking for something that’s more dynamic than studying the stars and planets, she ended up working as an analytics consultant instead. She enjoyed doing data analysis, but she realized that she wasn’t content with just looking at data.

She loved visualizations.

She loved displaying data in a visually, engaging way.

Nadieh spent her evenings and weekends teaching herself data visualization and making it come to life. She began creating personal projects and managed to build a portfolio. As a result, she had the chance to work as a full-time data visualization designer at Ayden. Her work at the company involved designing and creating dashboards and other data visualizations for their clients.

A year into her employment, she realized that she preferred being more creative when it came to her data visualization projects than what her current role was allowing her to be. Creating dashboards became too monotonous and unexciting for Nadieh. She quit her job with Ayden and became a freelancing data visualization designer working under the moniker “Visual Cinnamon”.

Her Life after Visual Cinnamon

Most of Nadieh’s projects are static visualizations that let clients have more control and freedom on the design, and web-based interactive visualizations that use storytelling to explain complex data. On the side, she also does data art that can be framed and hanged on a wall (it really is that beautiful).

In 2017, Nadieh was awarded that years ‘Best Individual' in the Information is Beautiful Awards. Well, it isn’t surprising since her clientele includes The Guardian, Google News Lab, and World Bank. She managed to enlighten audiences for these companies with her data visualization. She can create DataViz for printed magazines, as well as interactive experiences. So long as there’s data around, she can create art from it, thanks to her creativity, inspiration and keen eye.

When Nadieh is not busy creating data art, she can be found hanging out in the Netherlands or being a key speaker at conferences where she gives people the push that they need to try out data visualization.

Her Role in DataScienceGO 2018

For DataScienceGO 2018, Nadieh will be talking about  “Data Sketches: A Year of Exotic Data Visualizations”.

Data Sketches is a yearlong collaboration that she did with Shirley Wu, another freelance data visualization designer. Every month for a year, they picked a topic and created a visualization that’s quite elaborate and very geeky. They not only shared the results of what they’ve done, they also provided a detailed description of their creative process.

Nadieh will be speaking about the biggest lessons that she learned by doing Data Sketches, and most importantly: following what she loved and making it her job. She’ll provide insight into the process of data, sketching, and coding for the project.

Are you wondering what were her favorite months in Data Sketches? Tune in to learn how this team fixed mistakes, and how they lasted that long on a personal project while creating something out of data – something that not many people would do.

Can’t miss: Not everything ends how it initially started – a true professional knows that the key to success is constant iteration. In her presentation, Nadieh will showcase the visualizations that started out as horrible pieces but ended up being turned into beautiful, eye-catching data-filled visualizations.

A little more

 Nadieh is one of many fantastic & inspirational speakers slated to speak at DataScienceGO 2018. Our goal is to bring inspiring, accomplished veterans from the industry to help give you a blueprint, guide and the correct motivation to inspire your own career in data science. Data Science is a fantastic and explosive industry, but it’s also incredibly hard to navigate.

Who better than the greats to help chart your part?

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