SDS 023 : Data in Marketing, Statistical Significance and Management and Career Advice with Sam Flegal

Welcome to episode #023 of the SDS Podcast. Here we go!

Today's guest is Marketing Expert Sam Flegal

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If marketing is a career you are interested in or already work in, you will want to tune in to today's episode and hear Sam Flegal talk about his marketing career at Ontraport.

On top of how he uses data in his role, we also discuss statistical significance in depth and its importance in the field of data and marketing. As an added bonus, Sam generously shares loads of insider career tips, people management ideas and insights into the tools he finds invaluable in his daily work.

Packed with career advice goodness – don't miss this episode!

In this episode you will learn:

  • Managing a Team of Data Analysts (7:12)
  • Techniques to Analyze Marketing Data (12:58)
  • Infographics and Reporting Tools (27:35)
  • Statistical Significance (34:15)
  • Sam's Path to Career Success (43:36)
  • A Strategy to Find Your Next Data Marketing Role (55:17)

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Kirill Eremenko
Kirill Eremenko

I’m a Data Scientist and Entrepreneur. I also teach Data Science Online and host the SDS podcast where I interview some of the most inspiring Data Scientists from all around the world. I am passionate about bringing Data Science and Analytics to the world!

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