SDS 014 : Credit Scoring Models, the Law of Large Numbers, and Model Building with Greg Poppe

Welcome to episode #014 of the SDS Podcast. Here we go!

Today's guest is Senior Vice President of Risk Management, Greg Poppe

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If you have ever applied for a loan and thought about the role data science plays in credit scoring models, today’s episode will satisfy your curiosity.

Tune in to hear how Greg Poppe uses various skills from his data science toolkit to the real life application of credit decisions affecting millions of people.

You will also hear Greg’s catchy “3As”: his predictions for the future of data science as well as jobs and career paths.

All in all a fascinating and insightful episode that I can’t wait for you to get stuck into!

In this episode you will learn:

  • Challenges of Credit Scoring Models (14:22)
  • The Law of Large Numbers (18:10)
  • Market Segmentation (19:34)
  • Model Selection (27:37)
  • Ensemble Methods (32:47)
  • Model Building (35:26)
  • Addressing Fraud With Credit Scoring Models (42:40)
  • One Skill – Effective Communication (47:07)
  • The Future: Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy (56:25)

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Kirill Eremenko
Kirill Eremenko

I’m a Data Scientist and Entrepreneur. I also teach Data Science Online and host the SDS podcast where I interview some of the most inspiring Data Scientists from all around the world. I am passionate about bringing Data Science and Analytics to the world!

  • Hemanshu

    It was one of the best podcast, specially the last part where Greg went into A3 or 3A’s

    • Hi Hemanshu, thanks for the fantastic comment! I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast with Greg

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