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SDS 208: Re-live DSGO2018

Re-live DSGO2018

Welcome to the FiveMinuteFriday Episode of the SuperDataScience Podcast!

It’s now almost a month since the DataScienceGO 2018 Conference was held in San Diego California. It’s time to relive that epic gathering for the data science community!

300+ Data Scientists coming from 23 different countries all over the world, 27 Speakers comprising of experts and experts in the field, and 19+ hours of content from the 2-day jam-packed DataScienceGO 2018!

Yes, the numbers have spoken for themselves on how massive this year’s DSGO 2018 Conference was. How have you been since? For me, I still feel like I’m on cloud nine whenever I go back to the two days I have spent with you guys. There was a feeling of being left hanging afterwards even though I took home so much information and saw old and new faces of the data science community.

It was fun seeing people gather around – happy to converse and meet new colleagues. Networking with people is mostly the answer when DSGO participants (even from the last years) are asked about their best takeaway from the event. On the previous episodes of the podcast, we’ve talked a lot about how networking can create new opportunities for you, start new collaborations, and develop your career. And, DSGO Conference is the best way to go.

Now, I know that you might have missed the talks during the DSGO 2018 since they were simultaneously happening in the two rooms. No need to worry, we’ve recorded it so you can listen to your favorite talks and the ones you haven’t had the chance to go to! You’ll gain access to all the sessions of the 27 speakers from DSGO 2018. Aside from the recordings, you’ll also get the presentation slides of the speakers. Honestly, it kind of recharged my passion to always contribute and give value to the community so it’s fun to always go back to it.

It doesn’t matter if you did not attend the conference, you can also have access to the recordings and the presentations! This is a great guide for you to grow your data science career, your team, or your business. There’s a limited early bird offer until the mid-week next week so make sure to grab it!



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This is Five Minute Friday, Re-live the DataScienceGO 2018.

Welcome back to the SuperDataScience podcast, ladies and gentlemen, we are very excited to have you on the show today.

And today we've got a super-important and possibly life-changing announcement for you.

As you probably know by now, a month ago we had the DataScienceGO 2018 conference. This was our second annual event. It was a major blast, there was over 300 data scientists in attendance, people flying in from 23 countries all over the world to attend this event, 27 speakers, 19-plus hours of content. It was jam-packed with networking connections and lots and lots of value. And today you have an opportunity to relive that experience. And what I'm talking about here is the recordings from the event.

So we had two rooms and we were professionally recording with professional equipment both rooms at the same time. We recorded all of the talks, so that if you did attend the event and there was something that, a talk that you really, really liked and possibly you maybe didn't manage to take all of the notes that you wanted to, then by getting the DataScienceGO recordings you can go and rewatch, relive that talk and get all of the value, get all of the content that the speaker shared in their presentation. In addition, if you attended DataScienceGO, you would have noticed that there is no way that you would have possibly been able to attend all of the talks because we had the two parallel rooms running, and even if you really wanted to attend every single talk it's just physically impossible to be in both rooms at the same time. And that just stands to show how many people wanted to come to this event and give back to the community and present.

And so, if there are talks that you missed simply because of that, the fact that there's two rooms running, then that's where the DataScienceGO recordings will help you out, because you can jump on there and you can watch every single talk. Both rooms are recorded so there's nothing that you will possibly miss.

And on the other hand, if you weren't able to attend DataScienceGO 2018 for whatever reason, this is the next best thing. Although you're not going to be able to get all of the same value, you won't be able to network with people, meet the speakers, shake their hands and get that value of actually being there, this is indeed the next best thing. You can get these recordings and watch all of the presentations by the speakers. We had 27 speakers from all over the world as mentioned, it's 19-plus hours of content, of Data Science valuable content, on all different topics, on technical, non-technical, soft skills, hard skills, presentation skills, beginners, advanced, business owners, executives and entrepreneurs, Data Science in all areas, all fields.

You'll find talks by Hadelin, by me, by Pablos Holman, our keynote speaker, yes his talk will be there, Tarry Singh, Eric Weber, Randy Lao, and many many more speakers who attended the event, so you will be able to get your hands on all of those. So that goes to show, if you missed something, you want to relive something, or you didn't attend DataScienceGO you can get all of the talks here, plus you will get a login password to the DataScienceGO portal, and if you find a talk that is valuable to a friend, a colleague, for as you maybe were at DataScienceGO and you saw a talk that is valuable to your boss who wasn't there, you can send him the credentials and he can log in through your account and have a look at that talk that you think will be valuable to him. Or there might be, they might have a whole department of Data Scientists that you want to share this with, then that's another way you can do that.

Also, you will find, another thing that we did include this time because of the multiple requests that we got is, with every single talk you will get the presentation slides of the speakers. Yes, we heard you, we heard that that is something that's very important to you, and that's why this time we've requested from all the speakers, all of the slides are waiting for you in the DataScienceGO portal so as you watch the video you'll be able to download the slides and follow along or just revisit the slides at your own leisure. So yes, they are included there.

So once again, there's lots of speakers, plus the panels were recorded, the opening and the closing keynotes were recorded, and of course the talk by Pablos Holman, our keynote speaker, is in there as well.

So there we go, that's available for you to get your hands on for the next couple of days until mid next week. You can find the recordings, if this is something that you're interested in, in joining and becoming part of, you can find the recordings for DataScienceGO at There's a special offer running that will be available only for the next couple of days, so if this is something that you're interested in, if you want to take your Data Science career to the next level, if you came to DataScienceGO or you missed out on DataScienceGO and you want to have that experience for life, have lifetime access to it, then this is your opportunity to do this. The recordings are available at 50 percent off just for the next couple of days. And they are at Don't miss this opportunity to skyrocket your Data Science career.
I look forward to seeing you back here next time, and until then, happy analyzing.

Kirill Eremenko
Kirill Eremenko

I’m a Data Scientist and Entrepreneur. I also teach Data Science Online and host the SDS podcast where I interview some of the most inspiring Data Scientists from all around the world. I am passionate about bringing Data Science and Analytics to the world!

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