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Hadelin de Ponteves is back by popular demand to share his knowledge of six types of deep learning models, 3 supervised and 3 unsupervised models, including an extensive discussion of their applications.


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Welcome everybody back to the SuperDataScience podcast.Super excited to have you on board, and today by popular demand, we have a returning guest, Hadelin de Ponteves. Hadelin was on the show for the first time about 6 months ago, that was episode 2, and that was when we just released the Machine Learning A-Z course. And now he's back, and this time we've just released the Deep Learning A-Z course. And so what is deep learning all about? Well deep learning is an advanced branch of machine learning where we use algorithms called neural networks to mimic the human brain in order to be able to solve very complex problems. And our goal with Hadelin in creating Deep Learning A-Z was to create a course that has a robust structure and really covers topics in a simple manner that is accessible to anybody. So you don't have to be an expert in mathematics or in programming or in anything else for that matter. You just need a basic background in high school maths to understand this course and to follow along.

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Juan Pablo Mejia
Juan Pablo Mejia

Desde que inicie mi Carrera de ingeniería de sistemas, he amado la idea de poder crear todo lo que me pueda imaginar. Posteriormente, inicié una doble titulación en la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana con diseño de la comunicación visual y con ello fortalecí mis cualidades de diseño formándome, así como un Front-end Developer.

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