The SDS Blog: How Data Science Podcasts Will Boost Your Career

The SDS Blog: How Data Science Podcasts Will Boost Your Career

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Interested in Data Science?

Want to know more about “the sexiest job of the 21st century”?

Would love to hear about the real-life stories of the most successful Data Scientists, but not sure where to start?

Well, there are tons of Data Science podcasts that have something very special to offer you! They introduce a great way to learn more about this fast-evolving career, they allow you to get involved into the big community of Data Science professionals, to get inspired and provide brand new insights as well.

One of the biggest benefits of data science podcasts, is that people who are advanced in their career, far and deep.  They will talk about their unique experience, their ups and downs, mistakes that they have made, major obstacles on their way, while you get a great chance to learn from their mistakes and avoid them in your career.

Want to know more?

In this article we would like to share with you some further benefits that data science podcasts provide to the Data newbies. You’ll see how podcasts can contribute to your career development, what a unique opportunity they provide, and what are their advantages over the other learning tools. Stay tuned!

Data Science Podcasts

Data Science and PodcastsBetter Together!

Data Science is a field that continually evolves, and the fact is:

you want to get the most up-to-date content.

Textbooks may get outdated before you finish reading them. Even online-courses cannot be updated as often as the new approaches arise in this area.

But podcasts seem to be created especially for talking about such fast-changing industries such as Data Science – they are flexible enough to provide you with the most up-to-date information, to share with you the latest news and trends.

And you may wonder, who are these enthusiasts that are ready to put their time and effort and share something valuable with the audience via podcasts?

As you know, Data Scientists are usually busy, though very resourceful and ever-learning, individuals.

So, it’s important to appreciate a handful of Data Scientists that are ready to share their knowledge and experience. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of knowledge sharing among the professionals in any area.

Together we are stronger and can contribute significantly more to the development of our common passion – Data Science.

Get inspired!

Are you intrigued and interested in Artificial Intelligence topic? Or maybe, forecasting capabilities of data?

Are you thinking about converting this passion into your full-time job one day?

To find the answer, you may simply choose the relevant podcast and slowly dive into this topic by listening to some captivating conversations, while walking, driving, commuting.

These real talks of the AI experts about the issues they are dealing with in their everyday working life, will help you uncover the essence of this profession and understand if this is in fact something you want to do in your life.

Maybe you’ll find this field too technical for you, or maybe you’ll be even more fascinated with this world of smart machines.

Who knows?

Anyway, the chances are high that quality data science podcast will bring you a lot of inspiration for your career development.

Data Science Podcasts
Furthermore, unlike audiobooks, in which an author tells a story, data science podcast episodes generally consist of conversations between two or more experts.

A conversation is usually much more captivating than someone telling you a story, and hence, the information received from such talks is much more likely to be remembered.

Data Science Podcasts and Career Bonuses

Podcasts provide a great opportunity for Data Science newcomers to learn from the experience of their successful colleagues. They are mainly recorded in the form of interviews with researchers, practitioners and experts from academia and business, who share their unique experience with the audience.

What are the common mistakes that you should avoid? What did they do right? What were the main factors, which contributed to their success?

Data Science podcasts may provide you the answers to all of these questions, and with them:

You can actually start one step ahead of others, with all the lessons but without having to go through every mistakes they went through.

Moreover, as you listen to the professors of top universities and machine learning practitioners from the Silicon Valley, Chief Data Scientists and experts in deep learning, you can see the variety of career paths to choose from.

You can actually see to the future of what your career may look like and then follow your specific path. Furthermore, if you ever decide to change the direction of your career, you’ll have a great overview of the alternatives.

Data Science Podcasts

Podcasts as a new learning avenue

Chances are you’re getting started in the Data Science. Or maybe you already have some solid knowledge in this area.

Anyway, as an ever-learning Data Scientist, you probably spend lots of time on reading textbooks and research publications, taking online courses and practicing Python or R.

However, even with such variety of studying resources, you can get bored. Then why not add some more fun to you learning process and listen to data science podcasts on your way to work?

A fun way to learn, and a fun way to distract yourself.

However, podcasts are not only about fun. They are great for developing critical thinking, learning about different opinions on the same subject, getting some great insights.

If you’re striving to become a first-rate Data Scientist, technical skills received from textbooks and online-courses would not be sufficient. You’ll need to develop deep understanding of the underlying processes as well as foreseeing the main trends of this fast-growing area.

Data Science Podcasts could be of huge help here. They will give you access to different opinions, expert thoughts, latest news. Listening to such discussions will contribute significantly to your professional growth.

Data Science Podcasts

Learning in Comfort

Ready to know some other advantages the Data Science podcasts have over the other learning options? Stay with us and you’ll learn that podcasts are:

Free. Yes, podcasts are totally free. That means no subscription fees, no hidden costs, and usually no commercial interruptions. You can just click “Play” and enjoy your time listening to smart talks and getting valuable knowledge on the hottest Data Science topics.

Easily accessible. Podcasts are audio only, and so they are quick and easy to download. You need nothing more but Wi-Fi to download them.

Portable. They’re a portable medium. Once a podcast resides on your computer, you can take it with you and listen to the new episodes at your convenience. Besides, you can transfer the podcast to a personal media player such as an iPod, and then the possibilities for listening become endless: commuting, jogging, walking, etc.  

Perfect for mindless chores. There are a number of tasks that don’t require lots of your attention but take your time. This could be driving to work, working out in the gym, doing household work such as cooking, cleaning or lawn mowing… Of course, you always have an option to listen to music, but even with the largest music library on your MP3 player or smartphone, you can get bored with it. Listening to podcasts is a great alternative then. 

To sum up, data science podcasts give you a great opportunity to help pass the time, letting you immerse yourself in an inspiring conversation over Unsupervised Machine Learning or latest trends in the area of Artificial Intelligence, while you are driving home, walking or waiting in line.

Data Science Podcasts

Choosing the Right Podcast

With the remarkable rise of Data Science industry, plenty of podcasts have been created for you to follow on the latest trends and developments.

Most of the Data Science podcasts are focused on some specific areas (e.g., Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, etc.). Some of the series are more technical, others are more suitable for data enthusiasts without technical background and cover some general topics.

Yet, other podcasts are focused more on career development of Data Scientists. Several podcasts are in fact very entertaining.

In other words:

there are plenty of options to choose from.

And you should make the choice based on your professional interests and personal needs. We would recommend you to pick a few ones that will perfectly complement each other in boosting your professional growth.

Some Podcasts for the Smooth Start

Now as you know more about what Data Science podcasts may give you, you may wonder, where to start. Here are some of the greatest podcasts that provide their audience with tons of valuable knowledge together with much of fun and entertainment.

Data Skeptic

Data Science Podcasts

This is a great starting point for diving into the world of Data Science podcasts. Data Skeptic produces weekly podcast, where high level concepts in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence are covered through the short 20-minutes episodes. Be prepared to the funny examples with their pet parrot – Yoshi.

In addition, Data Sceptic introduces great interviews with researchers and practitioners from academia and business settings, who are recognized authorities in their fields.

The Super Data Science Podcast 

Data Science Podcasts

Here you’ll also find short 5-10 minutes motivational episodes as well as longer interviews with the Data Science practitioners sharing their knowledge and experience.

This podcast is especially focused on career development and applying Data Science in the business settings.  So, if you are looking for the tons of working life hacks about boosting your career in Data Science, make sure to follow this podcast.

Partially Derivative

Data Science Podcasts
This was a really entertaining podcast, where a couple of practitioners discussed the latest news in Data Science over a round of drinks. However, they have unfortunately stopped recording of the new episodes in September 2017.

Anyway, most of their discussions are still relevant and are likely to capture your mind for hours. Thus, for example, in one of their last episodes they were discussing how artificial intelligence is affecting the world of art.

Data Science Podcasts

Now you know that podcasting is varied. You can choose short episodes focused on career development, more technical series on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, or get inspiration from the interviews of the recognized experts.

No matter what you choose! If you are really in love with Data Science, podcasts can add much of fun to your everyday commute and thrust your career as a Data Scientist.

Pick the one that fits you best and learn, learn, learn!


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