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SDS 226: Flat Tyres Happen

Flat Tyres Happen

Welcome to the FiveMinuteFriday episode of the SuperDataScience Podcast!

Today, I share to you a story which got me thinking on how I look at opportunities and challenges that come into my life so make sure to tune in!

It’s funny that it’s the most mundane encounters that give us the punch-in-the-face kind of lessons that we need. These important realizations shape the structure of our life – even influence our attitude and our core values.

For example, while I had a drive here in Queensland, Australia, I had a flat tyre incident. I didn’t notice that I hit a curb so the tyre burst. Of course, it got totally inconvenient for me. I could’ve gone home on time and did important tasks but a sizeable amount of time went to changing the tyre. This got me thinking that when an unexpected thing happens to you, it’s either you let it annoy you and get the best of you or get through it and learn something from it. The smart choice is to live through it, learn something from it, and move on.

It makes a big difference if you bring a different perspective to the challenges that come in your way. We make mistakes, we encounter mishaps, and we fail. That is a fact you should be learning to accept. What matters is how you approach them and how you let these affect your life. This is a small speck on a grand picture. Why let it spoil your entire life?

Life is full of surprises. There are times that things won’t actually go as planned, no matter how elaborately we planned it. It’s best that we be ready for the two possible outcomes – the good and the bad. We can hope for the best, but we should always stay realistic with how things can turn out. If, by chance, you go through a rough patch, stay strong and have a positive mindset. Yes, it could be painful, but you have to continue living your life. This is just an obstacle you go through, you’ll have better days. I hope you find it as an inspiration to continue, do harder, and be valuable for others.


  • What do you consider your ‘flat tyre’ recently and how did you approach it?
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This is FiveMinuteFriday episode 226, Flat Tyres Happen.

Welcome back to the SuperDataScience Podcast, ladies and gentlemen, super excited to have you back here on the show. It's 10:57 here in Australia in Queensland. 10:57 p.m. so it's almost bed time. I need to head off, but I wanted to record this podcast, because a bit earlier tonight something happened. I got a flat tyre on my car. I was just driving. I was going to do a reverse turn, and I drove over a curb, like a corner of a curb, and then burst my tyre basically. So, then very soon I realized it's flat and I had to replace it. And this reminded me of a story that I wanted to share with you. It's not even a story. It's more kind of like philosophy or an idea.

The idea is that flat tyres happen. What normally happens to us as people when we get a flat tyre? Well, normally we get upset. We start thinking, "Why did this happen to me?" It's so inconvenient that it happened right now. In my case I'm supposed to be heading off home and going to bed. I just want to get to my bed. I want to go sleep. Why'd I get this flat tyre and I had to replace it and things like that?

But the reality is that things like that whether it's a flat tyre, like you drop a glass and you have glass all over the floor, or your flight is canceled, or you've booked some plans on the weekend and it starts raining. Things like that in just general are going to happen. It's just pure statistics. We're data scientists. We all understand that statistically things that we call bad are sometimes going to happen. A couple times a year something like that is gonna happen and you just need to be prepared for it in the sense like psychologically prepared for it. Accept that it's gonna happen and when it does, that's just that means that time of the year has come and you need to deal with it then and there.

So, knowing that is a good strength to have and kind of remembering that, because for instance in my case when the flat tyre happened to me I didn't get upset at all. I was actually kind of having fun replacing the tyre. I haven't done that in a couple of years. I was really happy it didn't happen on the highway. I was really happy that everybody was safe, it was just when I was not even driving at any kind of speed whatsoever. Try to see the positive things in any kind of these situations.

My main thing was I just wanted to share this quick story, because it reminded me of that. So, I guess a good thing to try to do is look at your life and the things that happened recently or things that might happen this weekend to you and see what is going to be the flat tyre. Or what is or what has recently been the flat tyre in your life? What's the analogy, that representation of that flat tyre in your life and how can you look at it from a different perspective. So, that's my two cents for this weekend. Hope you have a fantastic time. I look forward to seeing you back here on the SuperDataScience Podcast next week and until then happy analyzing.

Kirill Eremenko
Kirill Eremenko

I’m a Data Scientist and Entrepreneur. I also teach Data Science Online and host the SDS podcast where I interview some of the most inspiring Data Scientists from all around the world. I am passionate about bringing Data Science and Analytics to the world!

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