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5,000+ Subscribers

With a massive community of data enthusiasts, SuperDataScience offers a supportive group of fellow students. From industry veterans to excited beginners, you’re certain to find someone who’s on the same track as you, perhaps even working the very same job. What that means for you is the guidance and advice of people who have been where you are… and who have already achieved the success you dream of.


Data Science Career Podcast

Listen in on Kirill’s conversations with some of the Data Science’s leading experts. Learn how they built incredible careers, get practical tips on solving your biggest problems, and put yourself on the fast track by following in the footsteps of these masters. Even some of our most experienced subscribers have been amazed by the things they’ve learned by tuning in.


10 Online Courses

SuperDataScience covers every major topic in data science, including R Programming, Python, Tableau, Machine Learning, and more. Data is one of the most powerful tools available to modern businesses, but the vast majority of companies fail to use the data they have to its full potential. With this comprehensive learning platform, you can master data and become a valuable asset to any company.


100+ Hours of Content

There’s also more to learn and master in the world of data. SuperDataScience offers a comprehensive bounty of learning materials. Our easy-to-follow video courses will give you a powerful grasp on everything you need to know, and even if you’ve been in the industry for years, there’s plenty of new knowledge you can gain in our simple learning platform. Improve constantly, no matter where you are in your career.


Quizzes and Homework Exercises

Practicing new concepts with your company’s money is a risky bet. With the quizzes and homework exercises we’ve laid out for you here, you can safely practice and master new tools & techniques at home. Best of all, these exercises focus on the practical application of data knowledge, not just the theory, so you can see how your new skills will work in the real world.


Monthly Analytics Case Studies

How did the world’s biggest companies solve real data problems? That’s exactly what we’ll look at in our Monthly Analytics Case Studies. Businesses like Netflix, Google, and Amazon use data to improve their operations. We’ll borrow their data sets and Real-World examples so you can learn from their success. Plus, industry experts will show you their own solutions to the same problems, so you can learn their strategies and techniques while you practice at home.



Community of Data Scientists Improving Together

SuperDataScience feels like a real, in-person class thanks to the thriving community of data enthusiasts. Join us and gain their support, encouragement, and guidance.

Learn At Your Own Pace

A college course is made to push you through to the end. SuperDataScience gives you the flexibility to learn even with a busy schedule.

Archive of Case Studies

Never miss a lesson again. With our archive of case studies, you can always go back and get the skills you need, no matter when you join SuperDataScience.

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