SDS 190: Seen You in San Diego

SDS 190: See You in San Diego

DataScienceGO 2018

35 Days until DataScienceGo 2018!

Today, I give you the quick rundown for this year’s DSGO at San Diego, California on 12th to 14th of October 2018. This FiveMinuteFriday episode is going to keep you on the edge of your seat so don’t wait any longer and listen in!

I’ll be brief and walk you straight through the conference’s agenda!

There are 3 Learning Tracks that participants could choose from:

  • The Beginner – designed for data scientists who are starting out and want to jumpstart their data science career.
  • The Practitioner – designed for who are in the data science industry for already a few years but want to contribute more and add more to their skillset.
  • The Leader – designed for business executives, entrepreneurs, and directors who are looking into building and improving their own data science team.

For each learning track, there will be recommended talks which are perfect to help you get moving on your data science journey. Aside from the talks, there will be discussion panels and a special Saturday evening for you to network with the community.

As of today, we already have 21 speakers confirmed and we’re still waiting for 2 more. You’ll hear from the experts, influencers, and the leaders that shape the data science community. Learn from them as they share their career journey, their knowledge & expertise, and their take on the future of data science.  

I promise you, you’ll go home with more than what you bargained for… you’ll be more motivated, more career-driven, and more valuable to your industry after you’ve attended the conference. And all of these you’ll get after having fun and meeting new people. Indeed, it will be a great time for the data science community!

If you’ve secured your tickets already, then good for you. You’ll surely add more to your knowledge & skill set, meet new people, and open your eyes to new things.

And, if you’re still on the fence about purchasing tickets, head onto the DSGO2018 website, and check out the entire agenda (list of speakers, list of topics, schedule, etc.) plus great feedback from last year’s. We’re also providing documents that could convince your boss to send you out to the conference. Make sure to check out also the special discount of 50% off on the passes until September 13.

That’s it. I hope to see familiar and new faces this DSGO 2018!

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This is episode number 190 See You in San Diego.

Hello, and welcome back to the Super Data Science Podcast. Very excited to have you on board. As you know, I very highly appreciate and value honesty, so I'm gonna be extremely transparent with you guys. This episode is about Data Science Go, about our event which we are running in San Diego for the second time this year. It's happening October 12, 13, 14. We're gonna talk about some very interesting things. We're gonna talk about the speakers, the different learning tracks that we have, some of the content that's there, and why I personally think that you should come and what value you will get out of this event.

Having said that, if you definitely think that there's no way on planet Earth that you're going to attend Data Science Go, then I don't wanna waste your time. Probably skip this episode. I'll see you back here on the podcast in our next episode.

On the other hand, if there's a chance that you're coming to Data Science Go ... if you're still on the fence, if you're thinking about attending the conference, or if you just wanna learn what are some of the most exciting topics or exciting people that you could potentially meet at Data Science Go, or you maybe can follow them on LinkedIn and other places and learn about these topics other places ... then stick around and let's dive straight into it. I'll walk you through what we are creating for you in October this year.

All right, so let's get started. We'll talk about the learning tracks. Right away, let's get that part sorted and then we'll move on to the speakers and the content.

In terms of the learning tracks, we've got three learning tracks. They're called the beginner, the practitioner, and leader. They are specifically designed for you to have a personalized experience at the event. The thing is, we have a main room and then we have a breakout room. Last year, we just had one room. This year, we have a main room and a breakout room because we're growing and we want to have more speakers, we want to create an opportunity for you to pick where you want to go.

These learning tracks, they are ready designed in a way that you can just look at the learning track and see where it [commands 00:02:17] for you to know which room to be in, so that you can get the most out of this event. The learning track will give you that recommendation based on where you are in your career or in your role, in terms of data science. The three tracks that we have are the beginner track is designed for data scientists who are starting out. This might be your first year as a data scientist or, you might be looking to get a job in data science, you might be looking to see what kind of potential career you might have, you might be transitioning from a different field ... you might be coming from business intelligence or reporting or you might be coming from development as a developer ... into data science. You want to change your career, but at the same time, leverage your existing experience.

Or, you might be just coming fresh out of university and you've heard that this is an amazing, exciting field and you want to come into this field. Also, last year, we had some people who came from absolutely unrelated fields, but have also heard about data science and they want to come in to data science. They want to leverage this field.

That is the beginner path. In that case, the beginner path is for you.

The practitioner path, or learning track, is for those of you who have already experienced data scientists, already practicing data science. For instance, you already have one, two, three, five, even maybe more years of experience in data science roles. It's hard to have more than 10 because the field has only been around for that long. However many years experience you have in data science, you already know how your career is shaping up, you know where you want to go, but at the same time, you wanna learn some new skills, some new techniques, meet some new people, get some exciting tools that you might be able to commence in your career and really propel the value that you add to your work that way.

That's what the practitioner path is all about.

Finally, the leader path, that is a path for business executives, entrepreneurs, directors, people who are looking to build a data science team, people who are looking to improve their data science teams, and so on.

That is the leader path and we also notice that there was quite some demand last year in that space. That's why we've created the leader path.

There you go. You can see that whether you're a beginner, an experienced data scientist, or a data science leader, we've got an exciting track prepared for you.

Now, with having said that in mind, let's look at some of the exciting speakers that are coming to Data Science Go. We've got, for instance, Tarry Singh, who is CEO and founder of An influencer and thought leader in the space of data science and he's flying all the way from Europe to come to Data Science Go. Also, Nadieh Bremer, who's a renown data visualization designer. She's got a website She's coming to Data Science Go, as well from Europe. Ben Taylor's coming from Utah. He's the Chief AI Officer at ZIFF, Inc. He's coming to Data Science Go for the second time. Also, you may have seen his very popular post on LinkedIn, which is Data Scientist Type E. If you haven't, highly recommend reading it. It changed my life, back in the day.

We've also got three more influencers in the space of data science. You may have heard these names. Eric Weber, Randy Lao, Favio Vazquez ... All coming together in one room to be here at Data Science Go. They're all doing talks and we'll talk about this in a second. But, if you follow them, if you've heard of them, this is your opportunity to meet them and network with them and get to know them better and in person.

Plus, we've got lots of other speakers as well. People flying in from all over the world, from Italy, Germany, lots of speakers from the U.S. We've also got Matt Dancho coming. Sinan Ozdemir coming, along with [Hadelin 00:06:18] are doing special workshops, which come just before the event on the Friday, which you can also find out about on our website Of course, I'm going to be doing a talk.

I also wanted to mention Pablos Holman, who is our keynote speaker. Pablos joined our conference just recently, like a couple months ago. We added Pablos to the event and here's some interesting facts. Pablos Holman is a hacker, inventor, entrepreneur, and technology futurist. His Ted Talks have over 20 million views and he is a senior inventor at his lab of 150 scientists and engineers. He's worked on projects such as a brain surgery tool, machine to suppress hurricanes, 3D food printers, a laser that can shoot down mosquitoes which was part of an impact invention effort to eradicate malaria with Bill Gates. He's worked on spaceships, [inaudible 00:07:14] SPC, artificial intelligence agent systems, and many more exciting projects.

As you can tell, this is a very forward thinking person. He is coming to Data Science Go to tell us where the world of data, technology, artificial intelligence is going. What we can expect from the future and what we should look forward to. Personally, I am very excited about getting to his talk and, as with all the other speakers, it doesn't mean you just sit at the talk and that's all the value that you'll get. Of course you can network with everybody from Randy Lao to Eric Weber to Ben Taylor to Pablos Holman. There's no limits during the breaks, which we have incorporated. We've incorporated a lunch on Saturday, on Sunday. We've incorporated a networking event on Friday evening. There's a Data Bash on Saturday evening, which you'll find out what it is when you actually get there on Saturday. All of these breaks, you can actually network and that's what this event is all about ... for you to expand your network in the space of data science.

Those are our speakers. Let's quickly talk about some of the talks. Depending on which learning track you're in, you will be going to different talks. Let's start with beginning learning track. We've got definitely a lot of exciting talks here. For instance, Ben Taylor is speaking about Beyond The Job: Leaving An AI Legacy. We've got Randy Lao talking about Data Science For All: Master The Fundamentals. Favio Vazquez is talking about Becoming A Data Scientist: From Taking a Course to Transforming a Business With your Knowledge.

Those are just some examples. There's definitely lots of talks. If you're a beginner, you will go away from here super inspired, super motivated. You will know exactly how exactly you wanna structure your career or in which direction you want to go.

Next, we've got the practitioner learning track. This one's interesting because we actually heard from some of you guys that you would like more practitioner talks. You want more technical talks at Data Science Go. That is something that you guys asked for and I want to make sure you are aware that we heard you, we listened, and we are adding new technical talks. Here's a couple of examples of the ones that we already have. More are to come. For instance, we've got a talk by Neelabh Pant, which is Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methods for Geo-Spatial Analytics. We've got a talk by Dan Shiebler, Bigger Problems than Big Data: Ten Serious Machine Learning Issues that Nobody Talks About. We've got a talk with Matt Dancho, Data Science For Business With Applications In R and H2O. Those are just some of the examples of the technical talks that we'll have at Data Science Go. Check out the agenda for more. More updates are coming very shortly.

Finally, we've got the leader learning pathway. Which is, once again, for business owners, entrepreneurs, executive directors to learn more about data science and how to leverage it in their businesses and how to build data science teams and things like that. In this space, we've got some exciting talks. We've got Josey Parks talking about Man and Machine: The Intersection Between Data and Business. What else ... We've got Vitaly Dolgov, who is my own mentor who's flying in from Australia, talking about Unleashing Potential: Real-Life Case Studies From A Seasoned Business Turnaround Consultant. Highly recommend, especially for business owners. Vitaly's a very experienced consultant and has lots of stories to tell, experiences to share. Then, we've got Francesco Corea talking about the Convergence of AI and Blockchain.

Once again, those are just some of the examples. We've also got discussion panels that you can attend and other talks that will be relevant to your learning track.

On that note, also wanted to mention that we have 21 speakers confirmed. We have two more slots, or we had two more slots available. Plus, we've opened up two new slots yesterday just because of how cool we wanna make this event. How much value we want to add to you guys. We're going to fill those slots with very exciting talks, so you are going to walk away completely transformed and with lots of knowledge in how you can apply these things in your career.

As you can see, it's an event packed with value. We've got a special discount running right now, which is only going to be available until the 13th of September. That is next week, Thursday. So, make sure to sign up before then. It's 50% off. After that, price goes up. If there's any chance at all that you can come, you have to jump on it. This even will transform your career. Whatever walk of life you are in, in terms of data science. We have a special discount for students because we know your budget is tight. Check on the website. We've got some information about that.

Also, if you're coming as a group, there's a special form that you can fill in to purchase your tickets at a group price. Finally, we have a document that will help convince your boss to send you to the conference. This was quite a popular way to get to Data Science Go last year and so we want to help you out. You don't necessarily have to pay for yourself. Your company might send you to Data Science Go because it will transform your career so much. If you're already a practicing data scientist ... If you already are working in a business ... then, talk to your boss and maybe they will send you to Data Science Go. We have a document to help you out on the website. You should just have a look for the document called Convince Your Boss to Send You to DS Go.

There we go. That's what this is event is all about. Make sure to check it out. It's at If you can't make it, personally, for whatever reason, then share it with somebody who might be able to attend and will be excited about all these things that they're going to learn ... all this information that they're going to go through. Really appreciate you help us spread the word and help impact as many people as we can.

Once again, as mentioned, we have 400 people attending this year, so it'll be a fantastic opportunity for you to network and meet new people.

On that note, thank you so much for being here today with me. I hope you enjoyed this episode. As you can see, we are building something super exciting and I was very privileged to be able to share that with you today. I also hope that you will take action and sign up for Data Science Go hopefully before Thursday next week so that you can take advantage of the discount.

Once again, the website is and I look forward to seeing you in San Diego.

Kirill Eremenko
Kirill Eremenko

I’m a Data Scientist and Entrepreneur. I also teach Data Science Online and host the SDS podcast where I interview some of the most inspiring Data Scientists from all around the world. I am passionate about bringing Data Science and Analytics to the world!

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