SDS 152: Data Science GO 2018

SDS 152: Data Science GO 2018

Data Science GO 2018Welcome to the Super Data Science Podcast Episode 152. Today's FiveMinuteFriday episode will surely excite you as we feature the most awaited Data Science GO 2018 Conference. It is set to happen on October 12-14, 2018 at Marriott La Jolla in San Diego, California.

With the success of Data Science GO Conference last year, we hope to make this year’s DSGO larger and better. We’re aiming to reach out to more people and double the number of attendees from last year. We’ve started preparing and organizing stuff for the conference early to cater to more people.

Last year was just too epic for the data science community. Aside from the technical discussions, the speakers were very lively and motivational for the attendees. This won’t be different for DSGO 2018! We are inviting a lot of speakers from the field of data science and also outside of the field. Listen to them talk about their career journey and other stories. It will be a great time to learn how they put their knowledge in data science to other industries and vice versa.

Aside from me, here are some of the confirmed speakers for Data Science GO 2018 Conference:

  • Hadelin De Ponteves, Data Science Entrepreneur
  • Nadieh Bremer, Data Visualization Designer at Visual Cinnamon
  • Rico Meinl, Dual Student at novomind, Inc
  • Ben Taylor, Chief AI Officer at ZIFF, Inc.
  • Neelabh Pant, Data Scientist at Cognitive Contractors

DSGO 2018 will last for three days. There will be lots of learning sessions and interactive activities. At the end of the second day, there will be a special dinner arranged for the speakers and attendees where they could dance, drink and exchange stories. Listen as I discussed here in this episode of Super Data Science podcast how both fun and knowledge filled the atmosphere during DSGO 2017.

DSGO 2018 is all about building a career, learning new stuff and doing what you love to do while having fun and a great time with your colleagues. DSGO 2018 wants you, once you walk out the doors of Marriot La Jolla, more focused and more driven to developing your career.

Data Science GO 2018 Super Early Bird tickets are still offered at a 75% discount until today, April 27. Do not waste this chance to be inspired and awakened by well-known data scientists and leaders. More will be added to the above list of speakers! Please regularly check the DSGO Conference website for updates.

Tune in now!

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This is FiveMinuteFriday episode number 152, Data Science GO 2018.

Welcome back to the Super Data Science podcast, ladies and gentlemen, and, today, I've got an exciting announcement for all of us.
The DataScienceGO Super Early Bird Tickets are on sale. If you've been waiting around for them, this is your time to act. In fact, today is the last that you can get them. They've been on sale for a few days now or a week, and you may have seen some emails floating around, some announcements on LinkedIn, Facebook, some ads. It's happening. It's happening now, and if you wanted to get a ticket, then this is the time you can get one.

In this podcast, I wanted to just talk about DataScienceGO a little bit and tell you what happened last year and what we are up to this year, so, for those of you who don't know, let's start there, if you haven't heard of DataScienceGO before, DataScienceGO is an event that we came up with. For a couple of years, we were doing courses and line and we've built up a community. Right now, we have, what is it, almost 500,000 students worldwide, which is very, very exciting, and then, at some point, [Hadelin 00:01:21] and I felt that we're not really getting to meet any of you in person, that there's so much more that we can experience for ourselves and help our students experience, and so we decided to come up with an event.

It took us quite a while to figure out a name, and there were a couple of suggestions, and DataScienceGO was the winning option, and, yeah, so, in October last year, we held our very first live conference. It was a lot of work, a lot of preparation. We were preparing for it for six months, and even six months ... This is a whole new world for me. I never knew what it would be like to prepare a live event for 150 people. That's exactly how many people attended DataScienceGO last year, a 150, and I never knew how much work it would be and what it would involve, and so even six months of preparation was barely enough.
It was barely enough to make everything happen and book the hotel, book the company that's going to be doing audio visuals and the flare effect, book the speakers, get a motivational speaker on board and all sorts of these things, but, nevertheless, we pulled it off, and thank you, a huge thank you to the SuperDataScience and DataScienceGO team. It was really an amazing event, amazing experience.

I'll tell you why I feel it was amazing and why I ... what our purpose is and mission with this event, and so the idea for the event originally came to Hadelin and I when we were attending a conference ourselves back I May last year, and while it was a great conference, at the same time, it was on data science, of course, but at the same time, we felt that something was missing. We felt that it was nice. There was a technical knowledge. A lot of people were talking about their advancements in deep learning or even explaining deep learning in a basic level or machine learning and other things, other topics as well, but it really felt that it was a bit dry and it was lacking some energy to it, some passion, some empowerment. Like we walked away with a lot of knowledge, but we didn't feel that much more empowered and that much more energized.

At the same time, it so happened that last year I also attended, also in May, what a coincidence, I also attended the Tony Robbins' Date With Destiny event, and, there, I walked away super empowered, super energized, powerful. I felt like I could change the world. I was completely different person, and so we thought about it and we decided to combine the two. We decided to take data science and to take energy, power, passion, fulfillment and put them together, and that's what DataScienceGO is all about.

It's a completely different experience. It's not just one of those conferences where you go to network, yes, and get some technical knowledge, yes, but it's much more than that. In addition to networking and getting technical knowledge, our focus is to empower people, to help you feel alive again, to help you feel that you have the power not only to change, not only to learn something new, but to change your whole life, to feel, to build a life and a career where you feel fulfilled every single day, where you're doing what you love, where you're having a fun and great time and you're empowering others around you, and you're like one of those people that walk into a room and everybody feels your energy, everybody feels your passion.

It's totally achievable. I've been through this myself. We all have ups and downs, but through the right guidance and through the right people around you, you can totally achieve a whole new state in your life, and that's what we set out to create with DataScienceGO, and that's why in DataScienceGO 2018 we actually invited a lot of data science speakers. True, we invited Ben Taylor, but we asked Ben Taylor not to just talk about deep learning and the things that he's so passionate about like the new NVIDIA GPU that's come out or training, retraining one of his models. We asked him to talk about careers, and that's also a topic that he's very, very well-versed on.
We invited some professionals in the space of machine learning and, of course, data science to also talk about the technical topics, but we also invited a motivational speaker. In fact, we had Kyle Cease last year. He's a famous comedian, and he's also been in a few movies, and we actually invited him to inspire people, and he has no relation whatsoever to data science, but he got a standing ovation, and people were actually crying and laughing during his presentation because he got through to everybody, got through to our hearts and made us really melt in our chairs and realize what our lives are all about and where we're going, and so that was very exciting.

We invited a recruiter to talk about how you can build your career, how you can position yourself whether internally within your company or if you're looking for a job externally. We invited some people, some students with success stories, so students who have taken our courses and who have built a career from zero to hero and who have completely changed the trajectory of their own lives and are feeling much happier and more excited.

All in all, it was a great mix of different speakers and people were not knowing what to expect next throughout the two days, and so that's what we're going to be replicating this year and, in fact, we're actually going to double down on that.
Last year, we had a 150 people attend, and, this year, we want 400 people to attend, so we can see how much impact we made last time and we really want to help as many people as we can, to connect to as many people as we can, so it's again going to be in San Diego. If you're interested, it's October 12th, 13th, 14th, so we get together on the Friday. We have a social night on Friday, then, Saturday, it's the full day, morning session, lunch networking, afternoon session, evening networking, and then, Sunday, half day, up until lunch and I think a little bit past lunch.

We're inviting lots of speakers. Again, Ben Taylor's going to be there. Hadelin is going to be there. We're inviting Rico Meinl who's flying in from Germany, Neelabh Pant who's flying in from Texas, Nadieh Bremer who's flying in from Amsterdam, and a couple of others that we're still getting everything sorted. It's quite a while away, so this time we've started preparing a whole year in advance, and we had to book the hotel and get everything on board, and so this time we're much more prepared for it.

Last time, what I noticed was a lot of people came there and had their company pay for them, so, if you don't have the means or you would prefer not to pay for it yourself, then maybe you could check with your manager because they can maybe cover your flights, accommodation and tickets. Maybe they can cover some of that.

In fact, during the registration process, you'll see that we've put out a letter there, which you can download and send to your manager and check with them if they want to, if they'd like to sponsor you, because, ultimately, everybody wants the best data scientist on board and everybody wants to work with happy people, so why wouldn't your company invest into your personal and professional growth? That's just something I had wanted to tell you guys about.

Yeah, so we're preparing for a massive event. I totally understand if you're not in there yet. Like if you're in San Diego, I'll be surprised if you don't come because I would personally really go out to meet you. If you're in the US, then I can understand it might be hard, but just bear in mind that last time we actually had somebody who was flying in from Brazil on a 25-hour flight. Somebody came in all the way from Czech Republic on a 24-hour flight, and Rico came in all the way from Germany. These are just students. These are not speakers. These are students who came from all over the world just to attend this event.

Yeah, if you can make it, I'd love to network, connect with you in person and shake your hand and give you hug probably towards the end. I think it's going to be a really fun time. We're putting in a lot of effort to make this event special and unique just for you, and I can guarantee, if you do come, you will walk away a different person and you'll have a much clearer and much more exciting, I guess, path ahead of you that you'll be looking forward to every single day.

On that note, thank you so much for listening to this. Whether or not you can come or not, I really appreciate you as a student. If you are interested, the tickets are ... the Super Early Bird Tickets are on sale. This is the last day they're available, and you can find them at I look forward to seeing you in San Diego.

Kirill Eremenko
Kirill Eremenko

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