Module 1 Course Intro
Unit 1 Welcome To The Course
Module 2 Easy Questions
Unit 1 What is Tableau?
Unit 2 Who are the founders of Tableau?
Unit 3 How is Tableau better than other products?
Unit 4 What is the mission of the company?
Unit 5 Name 1 advantage and 1 disadvantage of using Tableau extracts
Unit 6 What is a treemap and what are the building elements of a treemap?
Unit 7 How do you enable a dual axis on a chart?
Unit 8 Is there a free version of Tableau? If so, what are its main limitations?
Unit 9 What is the difference between CSV and Excel files?
Unit 10 How do you change a quickfilter from a list of items to a dropdown?
Module 3 Medium Questions
Unit 1 If a field is not in your view, can you use it as a filter for the view?
Unit 2 How do you change level of detail without adding to the visualisation?
Unit 3 Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server limitations question
Unit 4 What is the difference between twb and twbx files?
Unit 5 What are blended axes in Tableau and how do you create them?
Unit 6 When can you delete worksheets and when can you only hide them?
Unit 7 How do you make animations leave a trail?
Unit 8 How do you run a simple linear regression statistical model in Tableau?
Unit 9 How does aggregation work in Tableau?
Unit 10 Is a blend in Tableau a type of join? If so, then which type?
Module 4 Difficult Questions
Unit 1 What are filters? How many types of filters are there in Tableau?
Unit 2 Give an example of a use-case for Data Source filters
Unit 3 Everything about context filters!
Unit 4 What is the difference between joins and blends in Tableau?
Unit 5 How do Blends work in Tableau?
Unit 6 How do you combine Data through appending?
Unit 7 How do you combine Data through a custom SQL query?
Unit 8 What is the difference between static and dynamic sets?
Unit 9 What roles do dimensions and measures play in Tableau?
Unit 10 What is the difference between discrete and continuous variables in Tableau?
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