Module 1 Distributions
Unit 1 Plan of Attack
Unit 2 Continuous vs Discrete
Unit 3 What is a Distribution?
Unit 4 What is Standard Deviation?
Unit 5 Normal Distribution
Unit 6 Skewness
Unit 7 Mean, Median, Mode
Unit 8 Homework
Unit 9 Homework Solution - Part 1
Unit 10 Homework Solution - Part 2
Unit 11 EXTRA: Cantor's Diagonal Argument
Module 2 Central Limit Theorem
Unit 1 Plan of Attack
Unit 2 Populations and Samples
Unit 3 Sampling Distribution
Unit 4 Central Limit Theorem
Unit 5 Central Limit Theorem - Intuition
Unit 6 Central Limit Theorem - Visualization
Unit 7 Z-Score
Unit 8 Hands-On CLT - Analytics Challenge
Unit 9 Homework
Unit 10 Homework Solution
Module 3 Hypothesis Testing / Statistical Significance
Unit 1 Hypothesis Testing - Steps
Unit 2 Statistical Significance
Unit 3 Hypothesis Testing - Rejection Region
Unit 4 Hypothesis Testing Assumptions
Unit 5 Proportion Testing
Unit 6 Homework
Unit 7 Homework Solution
Module 4 Advanced Hypothesis Testing
Unit 1 What it means when you cannot reject the Null Hypothesis
Unit 2 Student's t-distribution
Unit 3 T-Tests
Unit 4 1-Tailed And 2-Tailed Tests
Unit 5 2-Tailed Test Exercise
Unit 6 Warning about misuse and overuse of p-values
Unit 7 Real Life Example
Module 5 Vitaly Dolgov's Guest Section
Unit 1 Pareto Principle - Part 1
Unit 2 Pareto Principle - Part 2
Unit 3 Pareto Principle - Part 3
Unit 4 Trends in Analytics - Part 1
Unit 5 Trends in Analytics - Part 2
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Statistics for Business Analytics A-Z


Course Description

If you are aiming for a career as a Data Scientist or Business Analyst then brushing up on your statistics skills is something you need to do.

But it's just hard to get started… Learning / re-learning ALL of stats just seems like a daunting task.

That's exactly why I have created this course!

Here you will quickly get the absolutely essential stats knowledge for a Data Scientist or Analyst.

This is not just another boring course on stats.

This course is very practical.

I have specifically included real-world examples of business challenges to show you how you could apply this knowledge to boost YOUR career.

At the same time you will master topics such as distributions, the z-test, the Central Limit Theorem, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, statistical significance and many more!

So what are you waiting for?

Enroll now and empower your career!