Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome to the Course
Unit 2 Where to get the materials
Module 2 The Ultimate Data Science Guide
Unit 1 The 6-Week Data Scientist
Unit 2 Statistics
Unit 3 The Data Science Process
Unit 4 Visualization
Unit 5 Interview with Nadieh Bremer
Unit 6 Databases
Unit 7 Statistical Learning & Meet Hadelin de Ponteves
Unit 8 Machine Learning
Unit 9 Deep Learning
Unit 10 Deep Learning and Computer Vision
Unit 11 Deep Learning and NLP
Unit 12 Artificial Intelligence
Module 3 Data Science with Tableau
Unit 1 Intro to Tableau - Step 1
Unit 2 Intro to Tableau - Step 2
Unit 3 Intro to Tableau - Step 3
Unit 4 Intro to Tableau - Step 4
Unit 5 Intro to Tableau - Step 5
Unit 6 Intro to Tableau - Step 6
Unit 7 Intro to Tableau - Step 7
Unit 8 Intro to Tableau - Step 8
Unit 9 Intro to Tableau - Step 9
Module 4 Data Science with Python
Unit 1 Python - Step 1
Unit 2 Python - Step 2
Unit 3 Python - Step 3
Unit 4 Python - Step 4
Unit 5 Python - Step 5
Unit 6 Python - Step 6
Unit 7 Python - Step 7
Unit 8 Python - Step 8
Unit 9 Python - Step 9
Unit 10 Python - Step 10
Module 5 Data Science with the Cloud
Unit 1 Cloud - Step 1
Unit 2 Cloud - Step 2
Unit 3 Cloud - Step 3
Unit 4 Cloud - Step 4
Module 6 Course Conclusion
Unit 1 Course Conclusion
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Intro to Data Science: Your Step-by-Step Guide To Starting


Course Description

The demand for Data Scientists is immense. In this course, you'll learn how you can play a part in fulfilling this demand and build a long, successful career for yourself.

The #1 goal of this course is clear: give you all the skills you need to be a Data Scientist who could start the job tomorrow… within 6 weeks.

With so much ground to cover, we've stripped out the fluff and geared the lessons to focus 100% on preparing you as a Data Scientist. You’ll discover:

* The structured path for rapidly acquiring Data Science expertise

* How to build your ability in statistics to help interpret and analyse data more effectively

* How to perform visualizations using one of the industry's most popular tools

* How to apply machine learning algorithms with Python to solve real world problems

* Why the cloud is important for Data Scientists and how to use it

Along with much more. You'll pick up all the core concepts that veteran Data Scientists understand intimately. Use common industry-wide tools like SQL, Tableau and Python to tackle problems. And get guidance on how to launch your own Data Science projects.

In fact, it might seem like too much at first. And there is a lot of content, exercises, study and challenges to get through. But with the right attitude, becoming a Data Scientist this quickly IS possible!

Once you've finished Introduction to Data Science A-Z, you’ll be ready for an incredible career in a field that's expanding faster than almost anything else in the world.

Complete this course, master the principles, and join the ranks of Data Scientists all around the world.