Module 1 Section 1 - Introduction
Unit 1 Welcome to the course
Unit 2 Introduction
Unit 3 Installing Bizagi
Unit 4 Installing BPM Software for Mac
Unit 5 Creating Our First Business Process
Unit 6 Tasks
Unit 7 Events
Unit 8 Gateways
Unit 9 Sequence Flow
Unit 10 Modelling practice 1
Unit 11 Modelling practice 2
Unit 12 Case Study 1 part 1
Unit 13 Case Study 1 part 2
Unit 14 Case Study 2 part 1
Unit 15 Case Study 2 part 2
Module 2 Section - 2 - Diving deeper into Business Process Modelling
Unit 1 OR Gateway
Unit 2 Data Artifacts
Unit 3 Data Artifacts Practice
Unit 4 Pools and Lanes
Unit 5 Modelling Practice 3
Unit 6 Data prep using Excel
Unit 7 Section 2 Case Study 1 Part 2
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BPMN For Business Analytics A-Z™: Business Process Modeling


Course Description

This course will help you understand BPMN 2.0. Special segmented style helps you learn Business Process Modelling in a very easy-to-follow approach building on theory from previous lectures, it also lets you to quickly refresh your knowledge by accessing the materials on any specific topic. Any new material learnt in this course is backed up by extensive practice to allow you to achieve a higher level of understanding Business Process Modelling. Real world case studies allow you to model actual business processes and check yourself with the instructor.