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(TIME TO READ: 15 MINS) Creating works of art using tableau custom maps …and the importance of polygons Why would we be dedicating an article to understanding an elementary geometry concept such as the polygon? And why are we combining this with maps in Tableau – aren’t these distinctly separate chart types in Tableau? Hands […]

Are you unsure what the fuss over table calculations is about? Maybe you’re uncertain what they actually are? Perhaps you’re already using table calculations, but not sure if you’re using them correctly? Maybe you just want to learn how to use the correct table calculations for your specific visualization? For many new Tableauers (that is […]

A more real-life example is not possible. The City of Cape Town is undergoing major water shortages, and we need to help to create maps that makes an impact!

In this tutorial, we create spectacular looking maps using custom shapefiles. We will also learn what polygons are and how they form the base of shapefiles. Lastly, and most importantly, we will look at one of the best-kept secrets in map layers. Your eyes will not believe what you are able to create in Tableau.

Why Learn Tableau? In this article we are going to cover the 6 benefits of learning Tableau. Specifically I will raise the following points: Tableau’s Agility Self-serve Analytics Tableau + R Programming The Future of Tableau Pricing and Tableau Public Let’s go! 1. Quickly create interactive plots Volume, variety, and velocity, right? Today the 3V’s […]

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