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(Time to Read: 7 mins) Are you ready to dive into the world of Data Science? Then, Data Science podcasts would be a great way for you to get valuable and up-to-date knowledge in this field with lot’s of fun and very little difficulty from your current day as it is. One of the biggest […]

 (Time to Read: 7 mins) A data scientist is a person used to deal with uncertainty because data is always deemed to be riddled with biases. A good data scientist is able to come up with the best model that treads the line between being too complex to be trusted and too simple to be […]

(TIME TO READ: 7 MINS) We have an opportunity to learn wherever we go, and yet many of us don’t take advantage of this fact. Most of us have smartphones, or another device that can access the Internet, and podcasts are a great way to learn something due to their versatility. You can listen to […]

(TIME TO READ: 15 MINS) Creating works of art using tableau custom maps …and the importance of polygons Why would we be dedicating an article to understanding an elementary geometry concept such as the polygon? And why are we combining this with maps in Tableau – aren’t these distinctly separate chart types in Tableau? Hands […]

(Time to Read: 9 mins) I’m a data scientist… I love data. I love science. I love working with data… Why should I bother myself with Data Science conferences then? Aren’t they just waste of my time, money and effort?… Are Data Science Conferences Worth it? That’s probably something that many of us were thinking […]

(Average Time to Read: 6 min) Why is Blockchain Exploding Now? Blockchain is just one of the most favorite topics in the trends today. Even those who haven’t engaged in cryptocurrency or know how it works are talking about it. But have you ever wonder why blockchain is exploding now? In a speech during the […]

(Time to read: 4 mins) If there is one phenomenon that has the potential to alter the way people live and disrupt the status quo. it has to be Blockchain technology. _________ But, what is BlockChain technology anyway? Why is there such a buzz generated by its application? At its most basic, Blockchain technology functions […]

(Reading Time: 9 min aprox) You’ve probably been hearing Bitcoin & Blockchain almost non-stop for a couple of months now but you’re not what the difference is. But worry not! This article aims to tackle this very subject: Blockchain vs. Bitcoin. So let’s go! I was not sure whether I should introduce bitcoin or not, […]

Are you unsure what the fuss over table calculations is about? Maybe you’re uncertain what they actually are? Perhaps you’re already using table calculations, but not sure if you’re using them correctly? Maybe you just want to learn how to use the correct table calculations for your specific visualization? For many new Tableauers (that is […]

(Time to read: 7:23 seconds aprox) It’s all over the place. It seems that we are in a Data Science-era. Something hasn’t been this popular since maybe the iPhone. It makes you instantly wonder: “Should I get into Data Science?” If you don’t believe me: take a look for yourself. Google Trends – Data Science […]

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