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Are you having a post-DSGO2018 Conference depression? I think you’re not the only one so here’s a good fix for you! We have Sasha Prokhorova as a guest today in the SuperDataScience Podcast to talk about her DataScienceGO 2018 experience. Aside from this, she also shares about her engineering background, her passions, and other stuff […]

Welcome to episode #191 of the Super Data Science Podcast. Here we go! We are yet to see a powerful social platform that could incorporate the technical side of data scientists, engineers, and experts. In today’s episode, I chat with Tristen Blake about his upcoming Data+Science collaboration platform, the CO Network. Join us as we […]

Welcome to episode #189 of the Super Data Science Podcast. Here we go! Let’s do everything to bridge that data science gap! Today, I am joined by Randy Lao, an active contributor in the data science community, to let us in the whole process of getting a job in the field. There are so many […]

Welcome to episode #111 of the SDS Podcast. Here we go! Today’s guest is Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn Learning, Eric Weber Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or TuneIn In the digital age, people have grown accustomed to accessing entertainment and social media wherever and whenever. Imagine a situation where people are accustomed to reaching for […]

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