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Welcome to the FiveMinuteFriday Episode of the SuperDataScience Podcast! It’s now almost a month since the DataScienceGO 2018 Conference was held in San Diego California. It’s time to relive that epic gathering for the data science community! 300+ Data Scientists coming from 23 different countries all over the world, 27 Speakers comprising of experts and […]

In this FiveMinuteFriday episode of the Super Data Science Podcast, we talk about how emerging techs like machine learning, AI or deep learning are embedded in almost everything around you. Are you even aware of it? Today, we find out how beneficial are they to you! Let me guess, most of you always feel the […]

Welcome to another FiveMinuteFriday Episode of the Super Data Science Podcast! Finish strong! Run like it’s the last sprint you’ll ever have. But, what if we don’t really get to the finish line? Should we see this is a win or a loss? Today, we find out! So, after the jam-packed Data Science Go 2018, […]

Welcome to the FiveMinuteFriday Episode of Super Data Science Podcast! Today, we concentrate on the concepts of Ideas & Execution. Does one weigh more than the other? What should come first? Listen in to find out! Most millennials nowadays are tapping into their entrepreneurial prowess. They’re looking into ways to be financially stable and free, […]

Welcome to episode 200 of the Super Data Science Podcast! Today’s our anniversary! It’s the 200th episode of SuperDataScience Podcast and let’s celebrate it by doing a digest on the most pressing topic that’s affecting every business, every industry, and every person today and in the future– artificial intelligence and data science. What does the […]

Welcome to the FiveMinuteFriday episode of the Super Data Science Podcast! I might sound like a broken record but I’m still going to reiterate what you’ve heard from everyone – little changes make a BIG difference. It still holds true for everything, and today, we discuss the concept of 2-millimeter shift which supports it more […]

In today’s FiveMinuteFriday episode, we bring into light the issue of diversity in Data Science. We’re glad about the fact that this field is soaring and ready to change anything you could think of for the better BUT are women and minorities well-represented? Workplace discrimination starts with our implicit biases. We tend to look at […]

In this FiveMinuteFriday episode, I share to you how my year went since I started being a vegan. It’s been very great and it’s time that you guys also discover how it benefits for you so make sure to tune in! It was September last year when I shared my experience of being a vegetarian. […]

For sure, you’ve heard, read or watched these common plots: vampires disintegrates when there’s direct sunlight, Superman weakens at the presence of Kryptonite, and Achilles got killed because of an arrow wound to his heel. Everyone has their weaknesses, fictional or not!  So, in today’s FiveMinuteFriday episode, discover how owning your weakness and knowing how […]

35 Days until DataScienceGo 2018! Today, I give you the quick rundown for this year’s DSGO at San Diego, California on 12th to 14th of October 2018. This FiveMinuteFriday episode is going to keep you on the edge of your seat so don’t wait any longer and listen in! I’ll be brief and walk you straight […]

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