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Welcome to SuperDataScience Podcast! Today, we’ve got a panel of 4 guests talking about emerging technologies. For those who are still not over DataScienceGO 2018, here’s an episode to relive it! Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or TuneIn About The Guests The panel includes: Mark Skinner, the Solutions Architect at NVIDIA Rachel Shuyan Wang, the Manager of Data Science […]

Are data science conferences even suitable for students? Are they going to be interesting for career ‘transitioners’? How are they useful to getting started in the field? We have industry podcasts, online courses, articles and news stories available at the touch of a button, so what makes a conference special? In this article, I’ll explain […]

DataScienceGO 2018 is packed with exciting speakers, from Tarry Singh, Ben Taylor, Randy Lao and many more. <Meet the other 21 speakers here> One speaker that will definitely catch your eye is Pablos Holman, here’s a famous talk from him in TEDxLA that will blow your mind: <Read more on Ben Taylor> <Read more on Nadieh Bremer>

Do you feel like you have all the necessary knowledge and skills to become a super successful data scientist, but this is just not happening? Something is probably missing… but what? What should you do to take your career to the next level? Last year we hold a standout data science conference called DataScienceGo. It […]

One event. Three Days. 21 confirmed speakers (3 more to be announced). One DataScience powered dream. DATASCIENCEGO was born under the belief that data scientists need much more than technical conferences to have a successful career. Since data science is an “undiscovered land” so to speak, we can’t follow conventional pathways to success – this […]

Growing in your career is not the easiest of tasks. Growth doesn’t happen by itself, it implies constant effort and as a matter of fact – if you don’t push it, you’ll risk becoming stale in your career. In order to stay on top of your game, you need to learn from others, update yourself […]

Data is only as good as how many people can understand what it means. Only if stakeholders understand what the data actually implies, only then is when you’ll have direct impact on business as a data scientist. What’s the best way to achieve this? Data Visualization. Fortunately, one of our key speakers for DataScienceGO 2018 […]

(Time to Read: 3 mins) We assume you will agree with us when we say: Data Science is continually evolving, and it is hard to keep track of the latest cutting-edge techniques. Or perhaps not? Well, by merely attending different Data Science Events you will have a chance to improve your skills drastically. Besides, conferences […]

Welcome to the Super Data Science Podcast Episode 152. Today’s FiveMinuteFriday episode will surely excite you as we feature the most awaited Data Science GO 2018 Conference. It is set to happen on October 12-14, 2018 at Marriott La Jolla in San Diego, California. With the success of Data Science GO Conference last year, we hope […]

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