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You’ve got the education, the experience, the recommendations, but how do you make sure your resume will impress the recruiter or HR as soon as they see it? In this episode of SuperDataScience Podcast, we chat with Kristen to give us great tips and strategies for sure results so make sure to tune in! Subscribe […]

If you say right now that being a hands-on mother and being the best career woman in the field of data science is unachievable, our guest, Kate Strachnyi, would completely disagree as she shows you what she’s been doing so far. In this episode of SuperDataScience Podcast, learn more about the field of data visualization, […]

Are you having a post-DSGO2018 Conference depression? I think you’re not the only one so here’s a good fix for you! We have Sasha Prokhorova as a guest today in the SuperDataScience Podcast to talk about her DataScienceGO 2018 experience. Aside from this, she also shares about her engineering background, her passions, and other stuff […]

Welcome to SuperDataScience Podcast! Today, we’ve got a panel of 4 guests talking about emerging technologies. For those who are still not over DataScienceGO 2018, here’s an episode to relive it! Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher Radio or TuneIn About The Guests The panel includes: Mark Skinner, the Solutions Architect at NVIDIA Rachel Shuyan Wang, the Manager of Data Science […]

Welcome to episode 200 of the Super Data Science Podcast! Today’s our anniversary! It’s the 200th episode of SuperDataScience Podcast and let’s celebrate it by doing a digest on the most pressing topic that’s affecting every business, every industry, and every person today and in the future– artificial intelligence and data science. What does the […]

Welcome to episode #199 of the Super Data Science Podcast. Here we go! “When do you use and not use a pie chart?” This question is easy to answer for some but it still is one of the common mistakes done by data practitioners. So, in today’s episode, Kristen Sosulski, a data visualization expert, is […]

(Time to Read: 8 mins) Since data science’s rise is soon to make it perhaps the single most ubiquitous and essential profession in the market, there’s no better time to become a data scientist than right now, and no better way to do so then, through data science podcasts. As Harvard Business Review predicted in […]

In today’s FiveMinuteFriday episode, we bring into light the issue of diversity in Data Science. We’re glad about the fact that this field is soaring and ready to change anything you could think of for the better BUT are women and minorities well-represented? Workplace discrimination starts with our implicit biases. We tend to look at […]

Welcome to episode #195 of the Super Data Science Podcast. Here we go! Each of us in the data science community should be gearing towards gender diversity in the field, no matter what our gender is. In this episode of Super Data Science Podcast, we listen to Gabriela De Queiroz, founder of R-Ladies, dive into […]

35 Days until DataScienceGo 2018! Today, I give you the quick rundown for this year’s DSGO at San Diego, California on 12th to 14th of October 2018. This FiveMinuteFriday episode is going to keep you on the edge of your seat so don’t wait any longer and listen in! I’ll be brief and walk you straight […]

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