3 (Awesome) Data Science Events You Don’t Want To Miss In 2018

The SDS Blog: 3 (Awesome) Data Science Events You Don’t Want To Miss In 2018

Data Science Events
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We assume you will agree with us when we say:

Data Science is continually evolving, and it is hard to keep track of the latest cutting-edge techniques.

Or perhaps not?

Well, by merely attending different Data Science Events you will have a chance to improve your skills drastically. Besides, conferences are the best possible place to network and maybe even meet your next Data Science partner, mentor or client.

But Which Data Science Conferences Should I Attend?

We are aware of the vast number of events that are organized in Data Science community to help data scientists improve their skills. Even though every event of this kind would allow you to learn something new, you should know that there are some cool events out there that just stand out from the crowd.

We know it can be tough to choose the best Data Science Event to attend on your own.

Here’s the thing:

We conducted detailed research about the Data Science Events in 2018. It was a tough choice because there are many traditional Data Science events that most of the data enthusiasts would like to attend, but there are also some that stand out due to their different approach to this field.

Here is our Top 3 pick of Data Science events if you want to see something a bit different (and maybe learn something very different as well).

Events are listed in chronological order.

Top 3 Data Science Events to Attend in 2018:

 1. Women in Data Science – March 5, 2018 at Stanford University

This event’s goal is to educate and inspire data scientists all over the world, regardless of gender, and support women involved in the Data Science. It is a one-day technical conference that is held every year and it features only female speakers. It offers a chance to learn about the newest data science-related research, and it’s utilization.

You can learn more about this event at the following link:


2. DataScienceGO – October 12-14 at San Diego

DataScienceGO is a modern event – but slightly different. This event offers a refreshing approach to Data Science.  DSGO is a dynamic, modern and fun event that promises to keep you engaged every step of the way.

The main difference from this event is that it is almost entirely career focused. It doesn’t matter the stage of your career in which you are in, if you want to take it someplace else, or grow it, this is the event for you.

It gets better:

It offers the in-between-the-lines material, which can’t be read or found: the been-there-done-that lessons of Data Science. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to connect with the right people.

You can learn more about this event at the following link:


3. Data Natives – November 22-23 2018 at Berlin

Data Natives is an event for the modern generation. It’s entirely focused on the younger crowd, so it has a relaxed modern approach to Data Science.

It provides an opportunity to learn about cutting-edge data-driven technologies and how they are fuelling innovation in areas like Mobility, Health, and Government. Some of the world’s top experts and influencers in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT) will share their thoughts about the Data Science.

You can learn more about this event at the following link:


What’s the bottom line?

Data Science Events can help any Data Scientist to take their skills and career to a whole new level. Any Data Science event can be the right one for you. There is no easy way to find the best one. You just have to look for one and give it a try.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your pick and register right away!


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