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Welcome to another FiveMinuteFriday Episode of the SuperDataScience Podcast! Today, I’ll be sharing to you a simple hack perfect for people who want to finally start, make the shift, or just simply want to be more valuable in an industry. So, start listening to learn the concepts of the FIFO and LIFO to easily acquire […]

Welcome to episode #183 of the Super Data Science Podcast. Here we go! Let’s lie low with the technical stuff for now. Here’s an interesting proposition for today: how about we delve into the world of analytics consulting business and analytics in general? If this sounds right for you, then you’lllove this episode of Super […]

The term ‘Data Science Community’ have been thrown by guests a couple of time during the past episodes of Super Data Science Podcast. I can’t help but let it take over this episode. So, today, we will be talking everything about the Data Science Community – who belongs to it, what we love about it, […]

Welcome to episode #181 of the Super Data Science Podcast. Here we go! Today, we have Tim Lafferty from Velocity Group. Tim and I discussed about Data Visualization, Tips for Data Scientists Before a Presentation, and the Top Ten Things a Degree Won’t Teach You. Tim promises that after this episode, you’ll be less intimidated […]

Welcome to another FiveMinuteFriday Episode! Today, it’s all about essentialism, a discipline that we could learn to adapt as data scientists. This is what I am currently learning while reading the book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown. Make sure to tune in and join me in the discussion! It has already […]

 Welcome to episode #179 of the Super Data Science Podcast. Here we go! Feeling stuck in a career slump? On today’s episode, we talk to Matt Corey, a Data Scientist Recruitment Provider, to guide you. Though patience and positive mindset really help to get you out of it, it might be better if we take […]

Welcome to the FiveMinuteFriday Episode of the Super Data Science Podcast! Today, we’ll be talking about the importance of data visualization and Tableau, one of the best tools out there. This episode will be a sneak peek also to two courses that we’re about to relaunch soon so make sure to tune in! If you’ve […]

Welcome to episode #177 of the Super Data Science Podcast. Here we go! In the incoming years, we will be witnessing a radical change in data science education. Would you agree? On today’s episode of Super Data Science Podcast, Zach and I talk about utilizing online platforms, integrating machine learning in the healthcare industry, and […]

  On today’s FiveMinuteFriday episode, we discover how storytelling could help us in our data science career. It’s a simple yet complex way to better understand data. it can even make it more valuable and insightful for other people. But, how so? Data is just data if we do not effectively visualize and communicate it. […]

Welcome to episode #175 of the Super Data Science Podcast. Here we go! In this episode, I talk to Gregory about his journey to data science, how KDnuggets started, why you should start honing your machine learning engineering skills at this very moment, what’s the future of data science, reinforcement learning, and a lot more. […]

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