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AI State of the Art Course

Learn how to build powerful Hybrid AI models using advanced AI toolbox.

Create the most powerful AI Models using AutoEncoders, Genetics Algorithms and Evolution Strategies 

The world of AI is about to be rocked as our new State of the Art course soon reaches an audience near you.

The future of AI is going to be grand, with AI technology slowly taking shape into what people have envisioned for a long time, minus the Skynet stuff.

Our State of the Art AI technology course will help pave the way.

AI can help businesspeople and the rest of the populace succeed in life.

From recognizing humans to helping businesses automate certain tasks, a hybrid AI can cover all the tasks you don’t want to do. Automation is important for a sustainable future, and AI can help us with that challenge.

Michael Jordan, a man whose work transcended sports, said it best when he said:

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

In order to move forward, humanity needs to collaborate with intelligent systems that will do all the work for them. In addition, it’s sometimes okay to listen to the AI and take advice based on its calculations. Meanwhile, the AI needs to learn from you. Together, both humans and AIs can succeed and make this world a better place.

Let’s dive deeper and explore the world of State of the Art technology.

  • What is State of the Art Technology?

State of the Art AI technology is going to be big. You may wonder what it can do for you and what it has to offer.

To put it simply, State of the Art is versatile.

Versatility is important in our age. Just like we need to have many talents to succeed, so does our AI. This model can tackle challenges that you may face. It works as a hybrid model, combining many different AI technologies to form one big team.

Again, Michael Jordan said it best. Teamwork is important if you want to win the championship. Think of our team as your own Tune Squad who can tackle the biggest beasts known to man.

The Team

Now, let’s look at the cast of characters that make up our State of the Art team. There are seven main technologies in total, and they all work in harmony for you to succeed. They are:

  • Convolutional Neural Networks.

This is AI technology that was inspired by our own neural networks in our brains. The idea is to train an AI to recognize images, language, and give analysis to them. This is vital when it comes to AIs that need communication to work, such as Alexa.

  • Variational AutoEncoders

Here is another fantastic piece of AI technology. This allows the AI to use a large set of data and make their own imagery from it, from creating fictional faces to digital artwork. This is great for randomly generated software, and for artists who want to see AI create something with the data it has

  • Recurrent Neural Networks.

This is another AI network that helps with recognizing someone’s handwriting and speech patterns. This is great for archiving and for identification.

  • Mixed Density Networks.

This is a learning program AI that allows to create models of conditional probability distribution. This is AI meant for the biggest scientists and mathematicians out there.

  • Actor Critic Agents.

This is a method of AI learning. As the name says, it uses actors and critics. An actor helps control the behavior of the agent, while a critic will determine how good the agent’s actions are. This AI can perform tasks and do silly stuff such as play a video game by itself.

  • Genetics Algorithms.

Inspired by natural selection, genetics algorithms use mutation, crossover, and other techniques to help find solutions. This can perhaps help make the blueprint for artificial humans someday.

  • Evolution Strategies.

This model uses evolution, where the AI will slowly change over time to adapt to new challenges. With technology ever changing, evolution AI is quite important. And unlike real evolution, it won’t take billions of years to notice a difference. 

These are brief explanations on the technologies used in the State of the Art AI. We advise you to do further research if you want to dive deeper into how the technology works. Research is fun!  

  • Build Your Own Toolkit

If you need an AI for a specific application, you’re not going to miss this. You can create a hybrid AI to perform some of the biggest tasks imaginable, or you can make a smaller AI that only uses a few technologies. No longer does AI rely on one model, but it will soon rely on various models. Tasks become more complex, and smarter AIs will need multiple technologies.

Think of it like your brain. You understand that your brain is made up of many different functions that make you human. If some of them were missing, you’d perform differently.

That’s why a hybrid AI system is more important than ever, and why you’ll be seeing more in the future.


The State of the Art AI will be the big change the world of AI needs. Just as human bodies combine many different working parts to form the whole, so will this AI. It’s one of the most advanced AIs out there.

Those who are interested in the future of AI technology need to see what all the fuss is about.

Stay tuned for our course on the State of the Art AI. Consisting of Advanced Artificial Intelligence: Master Hybrid AI Models, it’s going to impress even the biggest data science geeks. Newcomers alike will be in awe at how much this baby can do for them and for humanity as a whole.

The world is changing, and we are here to create and embrace change. If you’re ready to be a part of the revolution, don’t hold back. Join our course today and see what the State of the Art AI can do for you.


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